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It's not what you do or where you go, it's the friends you make along the way. Open source Blockchain projects celebrate permissionless innovation and self sovereignty. We subscribe to these values and support them flowing out into other social spaces. Read More...

From meatspace to cyberspace

NonCon is an inclusive Safe Space. Please honour the Parallele Polis Code of Conduct when participating in our virtual event venues in the same manner you would in meatspace. Moderators will kick / ban attendees who violate community standards of behaviour.

Since we are livestreaming the speakers to our Youtube Channel utilizing Open Broadcast Software, we request that those who join do so with their cameras turned on, and microphones muted, for that true meatspace conference feeling. If you want to interact with our speakers live during their Q & A, or merely want to give them an audience to look at and consent to your face / voice to be recorded and broadcast on Youtube, join the appropriate track at at the appropriate time.

Please remember to abide by Video Conferencing Best Practices to insure the best experience for the speaker, yourself, and your peers who are participating. Signal to the speakers that you will attend by subscribing to individual speaker events in the Google Calendar embedded below.

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Schedule (All Times are GMT+02:00)

  • Apology: Google. Yeah, we know. It is not cypherpunk. But it's efficient, and a standard that "works" for everyone. This is the only privacy compromise this website (and the conference) makes. Otherwise, we do not gather user data. Check our Privacy Notice.

  • Click each speaker event to expand for details.

  • Links to Youtube Livestreams, Interspace Video Conference for Speaker Q & A, and links to Discord Chat Channels available in the description for each speaker event.

  • Save the whole calender or individual events to your calender to set notifications & share with your colleagues. and to keep up to date on changes / updates.

Virtual Venues

There will be a lobby, and three rooms / tracks, each with individual livestreams, including the Parallele Polis, Cryptoeconomics Institute, and Metatrack. A calendar agenda for each of the rooms will be available here on our website before the event takes place so that you can plan which talks you want to participate in. The main topics are tilted towards community, development, and security, and inclusive of interests outside the Ethereum ecosystem to include all cypherpunk and privacy focused individuals and communities.

Youtube Livestream

We will stream all three rooms / tracks live on our youtube channel.


The primary virtual conference location using our self-hosted open-source jitsi implementation, mirrored in data centers on multiple continents, which allows us to embed the livestreams, AND provide video and text chat for particpants.

VR Hubs

For virtual mingling, with or without VR glasses, the three rooms / tracks will also be available with live streams and VR mingling / text / audio chat and cute avatars in Mozilla Hubs We will be adding links to additional VR spaces carrying our livestream here. If you are a builder or a host of a VR space in other portals / formats, and you would like to host our live streams, get in touch with us via Telegram or email


There will be an interspace.noncon spawning location in Cryptovoxels - a user owned virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain.


Text chat and comments will be disabled on our Youtube, but you can hang out in Discord while you watch the livestream, and chat with friends, colleagues, and peers, or ask our speakers a question. You will need to provide an email address to access the chat if you do not already have a Discord ID. Discord Channels are available both in the venue interface, via browser, or using a discord client on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

General Chat (tech support)

Parallel Society Chat

Cryptoeconomics Lab Chat

Metatrack Chat

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Oldskool-stylee: email


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