Raffle ToS

This document is a draft and an rfc.

We are very sorry for the possibly misleading wording in the mintbase nft token description, unfortunately, human error is an unintended sideeffect of too many things to do and not enough time.

3 of our team sat together, and all of us were part of the communication finalizing the creation of the nfts.

All of us knew about immutabilty. None of us thought of it.


Bought NFT Tokens represent a chance to win, not a purchase.

Time restrictions

Only NFT tokens bought 1 hour before May 1st 2020, 00:00, Vienna Time, can participate.


Tokens bought AFTER May 1st 2020, 00:00, Vienna Time are considered donations without expectation of any return, but we will return them if the token gets bought after that date and/or by accident, just contact us through any of our published communication channels.

Tokens bought for this raffle are cryptographically binding, immutable and permanent commitments to follow the terms defined in this document, available on https://raffle.noncon.org/terms/.


All times listed are in the timezone of Vienna, Europe, GMT+1 or GMT+2, depending on daylight savings time. Dates are hard.

This is called "Vienna Time" in the rest of the document.

Just look up "what time is it in vienna" in your favorite search engine.

Feel free to amend and pull request.