Troubleshooting Guide

For troubleshooting download, installation and operation problems, go to our Troubleshooting Guide

E-mail Support

At Noncon, we expect perfection from ourselves and in our services (yah right, this is a beta program - use at your own risk!). Unfortunately, problems can arise and we want to ensure your needs are met. If you are having any trouble with our services, please contact us using the E-mail Support Form

Known Problems

At the moment, there are few known problems.

  • There is no easy way to stop a crack process once it is started.  The done button is not active until the wordlist dictionary has been searched.  The only way to stop it is to do a hard reset.
  • The have been occasional problems when trying to crack more than one password.  This indicates variable initialization problems.  The work around on this is to stop and restart the application between cracks.
Future Enhancements

Here are the features that we'd like to incorporate in future versions.  If you would like to add a feature, please send an email to [email protected].

  • Additional password types supported
    • FreeBSD
    • NT MD4 hashes
    • Zip passwords
    • Windows PWL files
  • Implement Progress Manager working for update and cancel capability during cracking
  • Reduce the size of the dictionary using the DAWG format that Crack uses
  • Have Alec Muffett "crack-ize" the cracking portion

Installation Instructions

  1. Hotsync and/or backup your Pilot
  2. Download the PalmCrack Application Zip File
  3. Unzip the archive
  4. Read the README.txt file
  5. Install the main PalmCrack app by double clicking on pc.prc
  6. Install a dictionary by double clicking on one of the PDB files
  7. Hotsync
  8. Test
  9. Crack away