Noncon Releases PalmCrack®, the Password Testing Tool for the Palm Computing Platform®

Internet - January 5, 2000 - Noncon has released PalmCrack, the password testing tool for the Palm Computing Platform.  Designed to help security professionals determine the strength of passwords, PalmCrack is able to check UNIX and NT passwords against a dictionary and decrypt certain Cisco router passwords.

PalmCrack runs on PalmOS 2 and PalmOS 3 devices, including the PalmPilot Professional through the PalmVII and the IBM WorkPad series.  It requires 31KB to 1MB of memory depending on the size of the dictionary installed.

About Noncon
Noncon is a group of rebel non conformists formed in 1982.  Their goal is to provide non conforming solutions to the public.  For more information, check out the Noncon web site at  Note: In accordance with President Clinton's request, the release of this tool was delayed until after January 1, 2000.