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By Steve Lodin

Last Modified 8/3/2002
Disclaimer: Being listed in this metaindex is not meant to act as an endorsement. I am an equal opportunity indexer.
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  • Really great listing with LOTS of links. Leave it to the Boilermakers to do it right!
  • Long list of links, organized by category but with few descriptions. Fairly good international listing. Includes extensive list of Newsgroups.
  • For a great summary on employment resources on the internet, Steve Lodin has quite a listing here.
  • Steve Lodin, from Purdue University has created this impressive, extensive, and categorized list of links to job searching web sites. His links go to newspapers, classified job ads, career-based employment companies, professional recruiters, contract employment, international jobs, corporations, federal jobs, and related newsgroups.
  • Getting Your Web Site Added

    To get your web site added, send your URL in an email to Doyle Groves at [email protected]. Please specify which category (among those listed in the Table of Contents) you think your site fits into. I am interested in adding web sites and Internet resources related to employment. I am not interested in adding personal resumes. 


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    I started this list of resources when there were 3 on the net total! I consulted for one of the big name career sites encouraging them to get a web site up and going. As a part of the consulting, I started to keep track of the competition. The list has just kept growing ever since. I maintain the list in my spare time.

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