Not a Conference. Not a Conjob.

It's not what you do or where you go, it's the friends you make along the way. Open source Blockchain projects celebrate permissionless innovation and self sovereignty. We subscribe to these values and support them flowing out into other social spaces. Read More...

From meatspace to cyberspace

NonCon is an inclusive Safe Space. Please honour the Parallele Polis Code of Conduct when participating in our virtual event venues in the same manner you would in meatspace. Moderators will kick / ban attendees who violate community standards of behaviour.

Since we are livestreaming the speakers to our Youtube Channel utilizing Open Broadcast Software, we request that those who join Track chat rooms here on interspace do so with their cameras turned on, and microphones muted, for that true meatspace conference feeling.

Please remember to abide by Video Conferencing Best Practices to insure the best experience for the speaker, yourself, and your peers who are participating.

Tickets: You don't need one. But you can Donate :-)

If you feel like donating, we'll accept any token at the noncon.eth address, or you can contribute to our gitcoin grant and get those sweet sweet multiples during the 5th Matching Round. Those who don't have, or don't want a gitcoin account can donate diretly to the support.interspacechat.eth address

Although we have no production costs associated with a conference produced in meatspace, the hours of organization, pre-production, public communication are just as high as with a normal event. When the livestreams have ended, all individual talks will be available in edited form in playlists on our Youtube channel, so any donation you make will also be to the benefit of our videoslaves.

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